Monday, June 14, 2010

Recipe #16 / Ranch Chicken / Pgs. 64 - 65

Now this one seems simple. Breaded chicken breast. Done that before with pre-packaged mixes.

It called for dry bread crumbs but I figured it would be faster and easier to cruch some soda crackers instead. I also started with frozen chicken breasts I had in the freezer. I put them in the microwave and thawed them properly. Or so I thought. They seemed unfrozen all the way through.

Now, I didn't crush the crackeers fine, but I figured it would give it a nice texture. But the chicken's center being colder then the outside, it required me cooking the chicken longer and checking iften for doneness. So, the outside nicely burned and fell off and the breasts were a cut up mess.

It tasted okay, but looked awful. *sigh* A fail, I believe.

Ranch Chicken (Mush)

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