Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple Cranberry Streusel Custard Pie

I'm a sucker for sweet desert things.
I had some cranberries left from last week's Thanksgiving dinner and a left-over frozen pie crust from a previous baking. So, I went and looked around for a new recipe!

Found this one, which thankfully used many things I already had in my pantry/fridge.
Now, I didn't have any FRESH cranberries. I had canned cranberries and jam. Here's hoping it works out still. So off I go!

Ingredients (except for the hot water)

Sliced apples

When slicing the apples, try and have them roughly all the same thickness. So that they get evenly baked.

The filling ingredients, mixed together before pouring in the shell.

After putting the filling into the shell, drizzle the crumble over the mixture and slip it into the oven.

In the oven it goes!

The recipe makes a little bit too much filling for a pre-made regular pie shell. So, be sure to use a deep dish pie crust. You can see a little bit spilled over. And I hadn't even put all the filling in.

TIP: Put the pie on the lower third of the oven, so that the crust bakes, but the filling doesn't get burned off the start!

TIP: I always put a cookie sheet under my pies, because those sneaky things always seem to spill over no matter how careful you are with the filling. You'll save yourself a lot of grief by doing so. Easier to clean the sheet then the oven!

Wow! I really need to clean my oven! Yeesh!

Ready for second part of baking

The pie is prepared here for the longest part of the baking. The oven temperature is lowered and I cover the crust with some tinfoil.

TIP: Covering the crust edges with foil prevents them from burning. A little trick I learned. :)

I took advantage of that step to switch the cookie sheet under the pie, so that the spilled filling wouldn't start burning. I hate it when the stupid fire alarm starts mouthing off on false alarms.

Finished pie!!

And here we are! A finished pie after it's cooled down!
I'm saving it for tomorrow, so I'll know if it's okay on the inside only then. The outside looks good, so there's hope!

I'll let you know. :)

And here's the recipe I used ---> Recipe

Interior of the pie

The pie having been done with cranberry jelly, it mixed with the condensed milk, giving it it's pink colour.

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