Monday, October 19, 2009

Figgy Duff

So I decided to take some suggestions as to what my next creation should be.

My good friend Darryl suggested that I try making a figgy duff, which is some sort of native dish from his faraway mystical land of Newfoundland.
While the first few recipes I found involved crushing leprechaun toenails or or moose oysters, I did find one from an "official" Newfie site that seemed like it could be good.

Here is a map to where NEWFOUNDLAND is in Canada.

Darryl did dissaprove of the contents, but I figured there must be different recipes so I should give it a shot and make this one. What's the worst that could happen? So he would send his ninja hippos after me in retaliation. BRING IT, I says!

But, no hippos were necessary.

I usually go over new recipes carefully so that I go to the making prepared. But this one was short, with a few ingredients and I skimmed it and it looked simple enough.

So this is a pudding. Which means the thing has to cook by boiling for a few hours. So, I follow the mixing instructions, seal up the ingredients and drop the container into the boiling pot. There I though, now only gotta sit and wait, topping the boiling water from time to time.

Then I remembered that the recipe ingredients called for different spices ... which I haven't been instructed to put in. Maybe they're for the sauce that's separate. Well nope! Nowhere is there instructions on WHEN to put the spices in. So I get the boiling thing out, it's been in for a few minutes. Unseal it, hurriedly put the spices in, mix it and re-seal it. Hopefully, the damage wasn't too bad.

A few minutes later ... I realize that the recipe also calls for FLOUR, which I was NEVER told to put in!!! At that point, I figured I'd just let it go and see how it turned out.

Well, it's a little dense and deflated, but it tastes ok. Very "molassy".
I'll probably try another recipe sometime, but I'll make sure to get better prepared for that one.

Still, edible. Not a total loss.
Funny how the picture makes it look like chocolate, but it's molasses.

I can give out the recipe if anyone is interested.

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  1. I never seen a figgy duff this dark before. Perhaps you made a new species!!