Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting rid of the back-log

Okay, before I post about the recipes I did (because I did them!) I have to catch up with a few of the things I've done beforehand. 

Pita pizza: it's like pizza ... but on a pita!!!!

Pita Pizza

I had some hamburger meat that I needed to use because it was getting past due-date. So I searched the we for something easy that could be tasty, with the ingredients I had. And here it is! Hamburger soup. I modified it quite a bit, adding lots of veggies and some chili powder for taste. Pretty delicious!

Hamburger Soup

And last but not least, I was craving some stuffed crepes and decided to make shrimp ones. I tried to do some crab ones a few days later, but they weren't as good.
Here's the shrimp ones, straight out of the oven. I also realized that I needed a square cooking dish.
It was truly delicious and decadent though!!! It's hard to see them, because they are smothered with sauce and cheese!!! :D

Shrimp Stuffed Crepes

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