Monday, May 3, 2010

A new outlook

Okay, so this blog has been stagnating and I've been in a cooking "blah" for a while.
So, I decided to kick my behind in gear and set myself some goals, since it seems that's the only thing that works.

Inspired by, but way less ambitious/impressive then the Julie/Julia project, I will be going through the heftiest cookbook I have, from cover to cover.
I will not be holding to as rigorous a regiment as doing the entire thing in a set time, but have decided that for now, I would be doing a minimum of three recipes a week, until done.

The book is actually two, an contains a variety of admittedly easy level recipies for the most part. But they give the basic of cooking techniques, and are delicious foods. :)

So the book is Betty Crocker Basics: How to Cook and Entertain With Confidence.

I won't hold to the recipes as law, being that I consider recipes guidelines more then rigorous instructions. I'll try to be as faithful as possible, but still substituting ingredients when appropriate or when unavailable.

Right now, I'm waiting for the first result to come out of the oven!

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